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Marat / Sade

Written by Peter Weiss
Directed by Avi Malka
Yoram Lowenstein studio of performing arts, Tel-Aviv

November 1999 - January 2000

Marat / Sade

The famous play takes place in an asylum for mental patients in France after the revolution, in which the patients produce a play (a play within a play) written by the Marquis de Sade, depicting the murder of Jean Paul Marat, one of leaders of the French Revolution.

I wish to thank the wonderful cast, working with you was a pleasure:

Ali Saliman, Halil Yitzhak, Ornan Brayer, Dorit Bar-Or, Yuval Segal, Nati Ornan, Hila Goshen, Karin Even-Haim, Naama Israeli, Hadar Shahaf, Hisham Saliman, Shiri Ashkenazi, Gili Bareket and Eilat Mansini.

Many thanks to the wonderful players:

Menachem Zibziner: Guitars
Limor Shiponi: Oboe
Dava Ben-David: Cello

Selected music from the play: