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Written by Roy Rashkes
Directed by Avi Malka
Tzavta theater, Tel-Aviv

February - April 2000


A television reporter reaches Sujud, an Israeli outpost in Lebanon, in her searching after a soldier who has disappeared. Her search leads to the discovery of a horrible truth.

What happens to the soul of a 19 years old soldier who goes through the Lebanon experience?

Working with the talented group of actors was a real delight, and I wish to thank them all: Adi Aisenman, Dror Levi, Michal Varshay, Gabi Cohen, Tzahi Mena, Boaz Avraham and Eldad Tamir.

Guitars on "The white beaches of Goa": Menachem Zibziner.

From the press:

...Run to Tzavta to see Sujud. A funny, exciting and hair-raising play...

Joshua Sobol, Galei Tzahal

...I saw Sujud in Tzavta and got so excited! A well written play, rhythmical, gripping, wonderful actors...

Meir Uziel, Maariv

...It's a priviledge as well as an obligation for each citizen and soldier in Israel to see Sujud...

Carmela Menashe, Kol Israel

Selected music from the play: