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Arie Zonshine
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Written by Roy Rashkes
Directed by Avi Malka
Tzavta Theater, Tel-Aviv

August 2001


For over 25 years the Israeli army sent hundreds of soldiers, as part of their training, to dive in the Kishon river in the Haifa bay. 88 of them have become sick with cancer, apparently as a direct result of diving in the poisoned water of the river. Some of the soldiers have died from the disease.

The play tells the story of Ziv, one of these soldiers, who faces his illness on one hand, and an entire system on the other, who takes no responsibility over his condition.

As always, there are those who should be blamed, there are those who pay the price, and there is an entire public, responding in silence...

Working with the cast was a real delight, and I wish to thank them all: Yossi Kantz, Shmulik Shiloh, Eli Aliovitz, Ayala Kurkus, Aviva Ger and Roberto Polak.

Selected music from the play: