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Arie Zonshine
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Why Not Me?

Written and directed by Gili Shanit
The Khan Theatre, Jerusalem

June 2003

Why Not Me?

A play based on Joseph Heller's novel "God Knows".

"This zany, sexy version of the story of King David, told as a modern allegory of what it is like for a Jew to survive in a hostile world, is "original, sad, wildly funny, and filled with roaring . . . Heller's King David, a splendid creation, is not so much a man for all seasons as man in all his seasons".
(The New York Times Book Review)

The director Gili Shanit adopted the book to a monodrama, with Avinoam Mor Haim playing King David.

Vocals: Keren Hadar and Anat Slonim.

Writing the music for this play led me to a fascinating journey of researching (a bit) and imagining (mostly) about the instruments and the musicians of that time, and the sound-space in which they created music.

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... the big historical drama in the background of the play is portrayed by the impressive music of Arie Zonshine ...

Zvi Goren, "Habama", January 2004.

Selected music from the play: