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Un Jour Tu Verras

Emmanuel Hannoun's French songs show

Un Jour Tu Verras

When my father was a young man, he owned a Grundig reel to reel deck. I remember its model number very well: TK35. Dad used to record on it the hits of the period from the radio, mostly French songs that reminded him of his youth in France.

Years have passed and the reel to reel was pushed away from the living room to be replaced by a fancy new stereo system. I took over the old Grundig which became a treasure for me. Back then we didn't have mp3 player, iPods or smartphones, so I listened to the tapes again and again, and those French songs became a meaningful part of my childhood's musical scape.

Around 1998 Emmanuel was searching for a pianist for a show he was working on, and found me through a mutual friend who introduced us. We bonded immediately as Emmanuel is such a lovable person, and also because I knew the songs he wanted to perform very well.

Since then I've been taking part in the show. We performed hundreds of times in front of bright-eyed audiences, tours the country from North to South and became very close and dear friends.

I find great joy in leaving the house from time to time and playing those wonderful songs. Emmanuel is a singer that is so much fun to accompany, and being on stage with Oren Fried the drummer and Eli Magen the bassist, both are amazing musicians, is a great pleasure and honor for me.

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Selected songs from the show:

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